Friday, August 5, 2011

Them is fighting words

Well, after three weeks or so of transitioning to a primal diet I got my first backlash last night. To be honest, it was brutal. A great friend basically suggested that she had concern that my intense passion for this new way of living would be bad for my patients.

What? I am so confused. How could making myself better an taking my own health into my hands be bad for my patients? She is concerned I may not be flexible enough to help people change. Also, I am apparently to over enthusiastic about my new changes. She is also concerned that I don't eat any chips (taken out of context for the absurdity value). What she said was " I am concerned that you are becoming obsessed and cutting down on too many foods. I mean what can you even eat here? (we were at a restaurant) Me: " I can have a salad or a steak, a burger or soup." Her: " Yeah, and that's it you can basically eat salads, that's not enough. I mean what do you have with dip, zucchini chips?" Me: " Why do I need chips? Are you suggesting I would be healthier if I ate chips?"

This rhetoric continued for quite a while until I explained all the science behind what I was doing (she is a practitioner also). She conceded that it was interesting enough but was still against it. The funny thing is that she is gluten free because I have spent 3 years explaining the ill benefits of gluten consumption.

My point here is that every time you go against conventional wisdom you will be challenged. A great professor I had said "Half of what I am teaching you is wrong, the problem is I don't know which half it is." Maybe oversimplified and probably said by many instructors in the health care field but you get the point. I don't know for sure what is right but know what is right for me and for now, this is it. I am not prescribing this diet for everyone but if your health is failing and you are desperate what's to lose?

By the way, my friend is in perfect health...or so she thinks. ;-)

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