Friday, September 2, 2011

It's business time

Okay, so not that kind of business ;) but it's still kind of fun. I am gearing up to roll out my business. Gotta find an office and set up. Working on paperwork and insurance paneling ( asking insurance companies to accept me as a provider). 

Now I realize this blog is mainly for me to talk to myself. I know this because, sadly, I have no comments. It okay, I like myself enough that I may someday comment on my own that sound really pathetic! HA! 

Moving on...if anyone has any ideas on names I would be oh so grateful. Here is a description of the practice. 

I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner who will be working collaboratively with patients to achieve optimal wellness through diet and lifestyle changes. I am paleo/primal based and will have a register dietitian and a possibly a naturopath in the office (the naturopath will be added when I have enough patients to warrant it)

I am an avid researcher and love to educate clients. I believe that wellness is achieved when people have the information and the desire.

My practice will focus on eating disorder (including exercise addiction), ADHD, anxiety, depression, adolescent issues, family conflict and optimal happiness :)

Also, if there are any suggestions for other things I should add or services I could have that would be helpful too!