Thursday, August 4, 2011

Primal and stuff

So I am changing my tune. I know I have celiac, nothing different there but I also know I am sensitive to other grains/sugar. SOOOO, I am taking on a new form of eating and will be discussing my findings with myself via this blog. Others may stumble or not...

Lets begin with some information. Gluten is bad for EVERYONE, regardless of celiac status. Period. Basically it relaxes the bonds between cells in the digestive tract allowing all sorts of bad to enter. Gluten is sort of the key to unlock the gut and allow in all that is evil. Mwwwwwhaahahaha. Funny thing is most grains do this to some extent. Gluten is just the worst offender.

So I begin my journey with a complete elimination of all grains. And go!

Here is a great breakdown of why grains are not healthy!!!

 If your interested in further research here is the most comprehensive of all sites.

Here is the plan

If you want to know what I have done for the last 2-10 years to think myself mildly worthy of analyzing information in a critical way...
Neurological/ psyciatric manifestations of celiac/gluten sensitivity

Just a's really boring!!! It was written in hopes of publishing but I got bored and realized I like the research and the writing but everything else sucked.  The paper is focused at the medical professional in hopes of assisting in the celiac diagnosis.

There you are! Have at it! I will keep you posted on the progress.

Here are my goals.

  1. Become leptin sensitive. (read dr. jack kruse)
  2. Relive adrenal fatigue (again dr. jack)
  3. Stop the insulin rollercoaster
  4. Regulate cortisol
  5. Play more (Marks Daily Apple)
  6. Continue lifting weights/ stop the chronic cardio (Marks Daily Apple)
  7. Lose 10 lbs
Losing weight used to be my number one for many years as I ate my 1300 calorie diet full of low fat carbs and "healthy" meats. I have killed myself with cardio routines. ( 2 rounds of turbofire, 3 round of Chalean extreme, 2 P90 x, 1 Insanity, 1/2 marathon training ect.) all on 1300 calories a day. What do I have to show for it? Same weight, 137, more belly fat and smaller other parts. Something seems wrong with this.

This is why I am trying to focus on the overall wellness of my system and regaining a hold on the items listed above. More to come...

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