Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby bok choy courtesy of full circle farms!!!

Really great box of organic produce arrive at my door this week. Here is one of the meals I made.

Bok choy
Red and greeen pepper
crimini mushrooms
Organic grass fed sirloin tip
Chili oil
coconut oil
coconut butter

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In a small bowl add ginger, tamari, lime and chili oil. Set aside.
Saute onions and bok choy stems (they cook faster than the leaves) in tons of CO. remove and place aside

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Separately in a cast iron fry steak to char outside, again in CO. Remove and rest ( the steak not you).
Saute the peppers and mushrooms then add in the sauteed bok choy stems and onions and beef ontop. Then pour the sauce from in the small bowl. Give a little stir then put the bok choy leaves in and stir. Once the bok choy is glossy you are ready to serve!
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side note- I like to throw a bit of coconut butter in each dish. mmmmm.

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